Rooms & Suites

Choose your desert home from luxurious Bedouin tents, barasti houses,stone bungalows or the finest of them all the Tower Suite!
The Al Manhal Tower Suite recreates the understated grandeur of the erstwhile palaces, named after one of the palaces of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al Nahyan. The tower suite is the most luxurious residential unit in the Village. It has three well-appointed bedrooms and is elegantly furnished for an experience of a lifetime.

The Shahama and Baynouna clusters are inspired by life in Abu Dhabi city before the oil boom. Sand-coloured stone bungalows blend in with the desert environment and depict another stage in the evolution of our culture.Two of 14 such bungalows are one-bedroom suites that can accommodate up to four guests, the rest accommodate two guests.

In the Remah and Hamim clusters, stay in the barasti bungalows modelled on the traditional coastal residences of Emiratis, reminders of the pearl-diving days. There are fourteen such residences, two of which are one-bedroom suites.

In the Razeen cluster, traditional Bedouin tents give a glimpse of the Bedouin life but without the harshness of the past. You will find comfortable beds, air-conditioning and fully-equipped washrooms in all the tents. We have seven individual tents, one of these is a one-bedroom suite.


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