Language & Religion

Abu Dhabi is the largest and most populated of the UAE's seven emirates, covering over 80% of the country's land. Abu Dhabi's population is over 1.5 million, and is expected to reach 3 million by 2030.

Across the UAE, nearly 20% of the total population is Emiratis the indigenous people of the land; the rest being expatriates from all over the world.

Arabic is the official language but English is the most common medium of communication across nationalities, with most street signs, public messaging, restaurant menus being in both languages. Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Malayalam, Tamil, Pushto, Persian are the other popular languages you will get to hear in our culturally rich and diverse country

Islam is the official religion of the UAE, with the Emiratis being all Muslims. The Islamic holy day is Friday a public holiday. Expats are free to practice their religion as the UAE Constitution provides for this human right in accordance with established customs. Places of worship for various communities can be found across the Emirates.

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