Dine in true Emirati style

Take a stroll down to the barasti-themed dining hall for a relaxed meal in the seating area of your choice. A low seating area welcomes you in the centre of the hall if you prefer to enjoy your meal in the purest tradition while seated on the floor.

Al Maqam Restaurant

You could also dine out in the open on the palm-thatch covered terrace that runs along the restaurant. Dining tables, low sofas, traditional cushion floor seating and private areas are also available for your dining pleasure.

Savour the flavour of Arabia

Let the aroma of saffron, cardamom and thyme lift your senses as you explore our sumptuous fare, perfected through generations of simple and pure desert life.

Sample the crispy reqaq or the soft khameer bread. Have your fill of traditional Emirati recipes like ma'louba, margooga, harees, fireed, jisheid and mishwy. Satisfy your sweet tooth with luqeymat, bethitha or khabeesa. Top it all up with refreshing mint tea and the soulful Arabic qahwa. With our cuisine, all your senses will taste the best of Arabia

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