Arabian Nights has an exciting range of adventures and experiences lined up to thrill and excite you and make your desert trip one to remember.
Hit the dunes in specially equipped Land Cruisers with skilled and fearless drivers giving you an edge-of-the-seat desert driving experience.

Very few vehicles can run up a dune or race across the desert like a quad bike. Hop on to one and rev it up for a thrilling ride on the challenging terrain.

You've seen water skiing. Here's your chance to try your hand at sand boarding. No fear of drowning or waves. See how fast you can go surfing on the slippery sand.

A trip to the desert will not be complete until you've felt part of a caravan riding the ship of the desert. Our professional camel trainers are close at hand to help you learn the ropes fast.

Get your hands painted with traditional floral motifs. It's a painless, natural way Arab women 'tattooed' their hands and feet with plant-based henna paste.

One of the most prized possessions of the Bedouin, the falcon, can be seen at close quarters during your visit. Falconry is a valuable part of the Emirati heritage.

Shop for souvenirs at the shops, their wares staying true to the history of the region. Choose from spices, dates, handicrafts, Arabian perfume oils, and more.

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