The Journey

A journey inspired by a vision

Arabian Nights was founded in 2007 to carve out a unique niche for Abu Dhabi – the capital city of the UAE on the global travel circuit. Our vision is to play a leading role in making Abu Dhabi a destination of choice for leisure and business travellers worldwide.

Within a short span of five years, Arabian Nights has claimed an enviable position as one of the most reputed corporate travel companies in Abu Dhabi. Our quality of service has been highly commended by global airlines. Leading corporate houses and five star hotels count on us to look after their guests from travel bookings to transport, tours and hospitality.

An obsession for excellence

Our obsession with being the best at what we do, rather than the biggest player in the market, has won us the business of a large number of corporate accounts and exclusive contracts. We have been managing the ground handling for some of the largest entertainment companies in Abu Dhabi, for the last four years.

To guarantee consistently high quality of service at all stages of your travel and stay, we have diversified our portfolio and do not depend on third-party services. While our multinational team of professionals is always at your service across all our branches and offices, our own dedicated fleet of vehicles keeps business moving seamlessly round the clock.

Showcasing our rich heritage

We aim to not just welcome visitors to Abu Dhabi but also to promote our nation's rich heritage and culture – an area often overlooked by local tour operators in the dazzle of abundant urban attractions.

A first-of-its-kind Village has been developed by Arabian Nights, nestled between the pristine sand dunes of Al Khatim – a 70-minute drive from Abu Dhabi city. In an unprecedented fusion of traditional desert dwelling and luxurious modern amenities, the Village offers an authentic experience of real desert life in air-conditioned huts, cabins and tents. It's your chance to travel back in time for a memorable Bedouin retreat.

Partners in progress

We work as partners in progress with Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, complying with their guidelines and standards in all our operations. Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 envisages a significant share of tourism and travel in building a diversified economy.

At Arabian Nights, we remain committed to bring in an increasing number of business and leisure visitors to Abu Dhabi year after year, and build our future while honouring our past.

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